for industrial applications

Welding is essential to metal fabrication, but it takes great skill (and modern tools and reliable equipment) to achieve superior-quality work. Spatter, post-welding porosity, cracks, coarse joints, and weak fusion are signs of clumsy welding. Avoid compromising the integrity of your final product and wasting materials and money during assembly by choosing Fabtech.

Welding Solutions

for Commercial and Industrial Use

Fabtech provides AWS certified welding solutions for commercial and industrial needs.

You can count on our experienced industrial welding technicians to provide superior welding services for your manufacturing process. Whether welding occurs at the beginning or towards the end of your assembly, you’ll want it done by a certified crew equipped with the latest equipment in metalwork fabrications.

Our solutions include:

  • Mig welding
  • Pulse welding
  • Metal core welding
  • Solid welding
  • Flux core welding


At Minnesota-based Fabtech, we’ve invested in leading-edge equipment and training for our welding technicians to provide the best possible product for all our clients.

The Fabtech welding shop can take your welding project and make it a reality. We train all our welders to AWS standards, this give our customers the confidence to use us for their largest and most complex projects. We continue to push the envelope on implementing quality and cost saving initiatives. We specialize in Mig welding for mild steel and aluminum. With over 500 hours of welding every week, Fabtech has the resources your company needs to compete.

MIG welding

Efficient, smooth, with broad applications, Mig Welding is more appropriate for high productivity and quick output turnaround. We can also reduce the spatter with MIG welding. It uses a shielding gas that protects the arc, keeping welds smooth and clean without slags littering the site. We do MIG welding on many kinds of metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, stainless and mild steel, and iron.

Quality Welds

Add Value to Your Process

Fabtech delivers quality welds and strives to meet diverse fabrication needs. We’re confident that we can bring value to your manufacturing process regardless of your industry. 

Check out our welding services located in southeast Minnesota — today. Contact us with your questions, or request a quote.