Laser Cutting

Precision Laser Cutting Services

With Fabtech, you have a reliable partner from which you can get precision cut metal components. Our laser services benefit manufacturers across industries from agriculture to industrial supply. With our expertise and advanced technologies, you can always stay on schedule and maintain high-quality standards.

The Cost-Effective Solution

FOr Your Metal Cutting Needs

Having 100% of your production capacity in-house is not always cost effective or efficient. By utilizing our facility you can scale your business without scaling your expenses.

Likewise, if you lack the technology and/or trained manpower to fabricate metal that meets your production needs, fabtech Inc. can fill the void.

Quality Work

We use sophisticated CNC machinery to make precise cuts that satisfy your requirements.


Our cutting processes minimize waste, optimize speed, and reduce overall costs.

Fast Turnaround

Our automated laser cutting service ensures precision and speed with no compromises. 


Our laser facility utilizes industry leading Trumpf fiber lasers, paired with automation. These machines are large bed so they can handle 6×12’ sheets, industry standard is 5×10’. We have up to 8 killowatt lasers, which paired with our trifecta nitrogen system means we can cut much faster in thicker material than oxygen cutting use to allow.

Metals we cut

We cut the following metals:

    • Mild  Steel / Ferrous metals (e.g., iron, carbon steel, high-alloy steel)
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
    • Other non-ferrous metals (e.g., copper, brass)

Thanks to the top-of-the-line equipment from TRUMPF, that have scheduled preventive maintenance to ensure our facility is always running.  We can maintain high levels of productivity with our powerful laser cutting technologies.


Industry leading technology and reliability
Trumpf lasers and automation paired with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance equals more time cutting your parts.

Machines load and unload lights out, this adds more cutting time for our customers.

Dynamic nesting with CAD / CAM software
Laser are programmed dynamically ensuring low scrap yield. This means lower costs for our customers.

Not only do the machines move fast, over 10,000 inches per minute, they also hold .002” tolerance.

High speed cutting
Our large watt machines paired with our nitrogen trifecta system means fast cutting speeds.

Count on Fabtech for custom manufacturing metal materials. When you choose Fabtech Inc., you only have to focus on realizing your designs — leave the cutting and forming to us. We that can deliver on quality, turnaround speed, and cost savings. Contact us today. To request a quote, call us directly or fill out our form.